SJ & Partners is Law office based in Seoul, specializing in intellectual property law and litigation.

SJ & Partners believes that effective and strategic legal solutions can be derived from complete understanding of clients needs and problems.
We consider as our top priority continuance/ continuous communication with our clients.

SJ & Partners  has a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere within the company that provides customer-friendly and polite legal services.

SJ & Partners focuses on the big picture of matters and tries to look at the forest not only looking at the trees

Your bridge over troubled matters
SJ & Partners


SJ & Partners is composed of dedicated and excelling lawyers who have the knowledge and expertise comparable to some of the largest law firms in South Korea.

With speed and accuracy in business service processes, SJ & Partners has a solid reputation as a provider of legal services that are unlike any other small and medium sized law firms in Seoul.

SJ & Partners has won numerous judgments over difficult injunction cases. This firm can exclusively offer legal services to incorporated companies in South Korea by providing reliable solutions for complex cases.